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What Audiences Are Saying About Johnnetta

Clark Atlanta University KSU on-top-of-earth

Road Beyond Abuse(Documentary)

“Oh my God, it was so riveting and moving”

“It was so inspiring to me and you are a hero in my book, just wanted to let you know.  God bless you”

“After seeing the documentary last night, my mission is clear”

Workshop Quotes

“It was wonderful, very powerful, and uplifting. I knew I was on the right track”

“Wonderful FOR REAL session. So inspirational and instills a sense of hope for those of us walking in purpose”

“Wow!! Every woman and young girl need to hear your story and vision to change and break this cycle”

“It was on of the verge of tears, I laughed, and I kept thinking how every woman needs to hear Johnnetta speak”

“It is so refreshing to have a social worker tell the “real” of their life.  The process you have developed addresses all of the importance of becoming all that you can be”

 “Your story is truly profound; God is truly using you to save so many others”

“You took me back to areas in my life and gave me tools to work with”

“Extraordinary presentation, incredible woman, Exceptional story.  Thank you for your honesty and living your purpose”

“It is very refreshing to see someone beat the odds that society feels are unbeatable’

“You reached a place in my soul that nobody else can comprehend.  We need to continue to hear your story and others because like you said, it’s real”


12 Step Self Awareness Model (SAM) DVD

“I cried like a baby when I saw your heart spill out to that audience and the way you touched them and the way you touched ME”


The Road Beyond Abuse (Excerpt)

Courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting
For full documentary click here

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