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Georgia child abuse victim interview: 'The Road Beyond Abuse' discussed

Sunday mornings are filled with praise and worship in church buildings across the South, but when one grandmother began to jingle her keys to leave her home and go to her place of worship there were three little black grandchildren who began to shake with fear and trembling.

That's because Johnnetta McSwain and her sister and male cousin were forced to endure severe child incestand abuse by three older male cousins while their mother's mother went off to church. And on Jan. 25, in a phone conversation with this past abuse victim, the Atlanta Top News Examiner learned why other children who suffer such abuse ask this question of McSwain when she goes to tell them how she overcame her victimization: How can you believe and talk about God when he allowed this to happen to you and to me?

One Abuse Victim Escapes Her personal Hell, One Doesn't (Examiner)

Myls Dobson was a four year old staying in a luxury tower in Midtown with a female friend of his incarcerated father when his beatings and burnings began the day after Christmas. He's dead now, and police have charged Kryzie King, his father's female friend, with assault and reckless endangerment. The New York Times reported on Jan. 9 that King insists the injuries to the child resulted when Myls Dobson "tumbled from a bathroom counter into an empty tub." Read more...

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, writer Alisha Harris and 'Rising Above the Scars'

Ignore the "Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly admitted into Pyschiatric ward" headlines, as The Kelly Filehost continues to receive online rebuke for saying Slate writer Alisha Harris is wrong to want a black Santa Claus. The latest rebuke for the news show anchor comes in the form of satire masquerading as news according to a Dec. 22 Epoch Times report. But it appears to be just another way to embarrass the outspoken personality.


Will Triumphs Over All

Johnnetta Speaking at Kubasaki High School JapanOKINAWA, Japan — Students at Kubasaki High School listened to a harrowing story of childhood abuse and one woman’s miraculous ability to overcome repeated trauma during her visit to the school on October 26. Life development coach Johnnetta McSwain delivered a speech that deeply moved students in the audience. Two of those students, Taylor Welch and Jessica Meno, wrote an article describing their experience. DoDEA Okinawa District is pleased to share their work, titled “Will Triumphs Over All.” Read more...

Beating The Odds

By Sabbaye McGriff

Johnnetta KSU article

At Kennesaw State, Johnnetta McSwain reached a major milepost on her life journey, from a life marred by childhood sexual abuse and an ensuing downward spiral, to one that portends a promising future as a motivational speaker, writer and consultant.

In a Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) documentary titled “The Road Beyond Abuse,”which aired in April 2009, McSwain – a 2006 KSU graduate – credits her alma mater with rescuing her and restoring her faith in humanity. Read more...

Failure Is Not An Option

Johnnetta McSwain turns a hard-knocks life into a success story.

CAU Magazine

In many ways, Johnnetta McSwain is one of life’s miracles. She and her sister grew up in an extraordinarily dysfunctional home that was mired in emotional, sexual and physical abuse. It was so horrific that they would sometimes hide under their house to escape their tormenters. As a coping mechanism, Johnnetta would sometimes don a white sheet marked “WW” for Wonder Woman, spin around and fantasize about fending off their tormentors Read more...

Inspirational Guest Speaker Arrives In Bermuda

Johnnetta Bermuda 3

The transition from being a victim of sexual abuse to becoming a survivor can be compared to that of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Johnnetta McSwain-Clay has experienced this first hand, and will be sharing details of her journey as a guest speaker for the Peace Day Celebration event, to be held at 6pm on Friday [Sept 20], at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.


You Can Rise Above All Your Scars

Johnnetta - Bermuda 2

Many of us can’t imagine the kind of abuse that American author and motivational speaker Johnnetta McSwain — Clay went through as a youngster. But thankfully her tale has a happy ending after turning her life around at age 30.

She is currently working towards her doctoral degree and has already attained a Bachelor’s from Kennesaw State University and a Master’s in Social Work at Clark Atlanta University.


The Road Beyond Abuse (Excerpt)

Courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting
For full documentary click here

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