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What's Your Plan? Mentoring Program

calendarHow to GET READY, GET SET, and GET GOING!!!

Are you get Ready to DEFINE your DREAM(S), CLEARLY See your Vision, develop a workable PLAN, Set realistic GOALS, Take ACTION, while learning how to Monitor your Progress?

If you are Ready you can get all of this with Johnnetta McSwain's, proven “What’s Your Plan? How to GET Ready, Get Set, and GET GOING”, Mentoring Program. Based on the What's Your Plan workshop, this mentoring program offers:

  • 7 Step bi-weekly (6 months) individual coaching and consultation sessions.
  • Choose from Two (2) Consultation Packages: Basic and Advanced.
  • Mentees get full access to Johnnetta's proven planning techniques
  • Mentees get help building their own life plan and setting personal goals


Fee starting at $999 | Availability | Services

The Road Beyond Abuse (Excerpt)

Courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting
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