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Thriving and Surviving - Staff Development/In Service Training

Surviving and Thriving, What is it and How Do We Do it? This training will define and discuss the many dimensions of teacher efficacy by becoming re-aquatint with professional and personal ethics/values, cultural sensitivity, diverse student populations, demographics and composition. Not just knowing how to survive but how to THRIVE is an important contributor to preparing students for achievement. Participants will gain new skills, strategies, and techniques to implement developmentally appropriate practices.

This interactive training will concentrate on the need to strengthen the teacher’s skills, knowledge and disposition by providing:

● effective training in skill set
● professional code of ethics
● teacher standards
● competence
● sensitive/cultural differences
● professional development
● autonomy
● morale
● building positive relationships with students/staff
● personal/professional conduct
● values and ethical behavior

Thus, empowering and inspiring teachers to be able to reflect, improve and enhance their knowledge of teaching strategies and instruction that will involve students in actively learning.