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Rising Above the Scars

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RISING ABOVE THE SCARS is the true account of Johnnetta McSwain’s triumphant life story. Featured in the Emmy® Award Winning documentary, The Road Beyond Abuse, this book delves deeper into the victorious and triumphant rise to success. Breaking every generational cycle and beating the odds that said she would never amount to anything.

How did she do it? What happened to her sister? What is her relationship like with her mother? Where are her kids? All of these questions and many more are included in this book!

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12 Step Workbook & Journal

12 Step Self Awareness Model Workbook and JournalNOW ITS TIME to take your life, your destiny and your awareness into your own hands. The 12 Step Self Awareness Model Workbook and Journal is Johnnetta McSwain’s thorough and helpful guide to truly finding yourself and creating a better, healthier life for yourself and those around you. Johnnetta's life story was featured in the Emmy® Award Winning documentary, The Road Beyond Abuse, and since then she's created a sought after copyrighted 12 Step Self Awareness Model (SAM) which has been taught and workshopped worldwide. She has detailed her life's experiences from victim to victor in her book Rising Above The Scars. Now, Johnnetta shares the 12 Steps with you to take a more intimate and personal look at your life's choices, make peace with your past, and plan for a bright and rewarding future, just as she has. This workbook also includes a BONUS STEP which is not included in the original 12 Step SAM.

All pre-orders will be mailed out on JUNE 27, 2015. The book will be made available for regular release July 11, 2015. Order your copy today!

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Breaking the Cycle DVD{instantpaypal}{/instantpaypal}

Johnnetta McSwain presents her acclaimed “Breaking the Cycle, Beating the Odds, 12 Step Self Awareness Model (SAM)” workshop in front of a live audience. Breaking the Cycle, Beating the Odds, 12 Step Self-Awareness Model is powerful on it's own. Add Johnnetta's riveting story to it, and it is transformed.

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The Road Beyond Abuse (Excerpt)

Courtesy of Georgia Public Broadcasting
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